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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Productive Day of Nothing

Hello everyone!

So like I said in my post from yesterday, I'm currently on vacation, which means my youtube channel is still video-less :(

But on a happier note, while I was sitting around all day being 'unproductive' (according to my parents) I was watching the videos of other beauty gurus on Youtube, looking for ideas/tips for when I get home next week and am able to start my own videos :) I am happy to say that I found several sources of inspiration, so I thought I'd link some of the girls' channels below :) *I am in no wait affiliated with any of these girls, nor am I in any way trying to copy them/impersonate them/take credit for their videos, I just thought they were really amazing youtubers and that I should share their channels with anyone who may not have found them yet.*

AllThatGlitters21 ; juicystar07 ; meganheartsmakeup

I did look at several other channels as well, but these were the ones I found the most inspirational and gave me the most ideas as to what you guys enjoy watching ! These girls are all gorgeous, and make amazing videos. I definitely suggest that you check them out (hence the links) and subscribe if you like what you see!

Also, if you like what you see on those channels, if you'd like you can go ahead and subscribe to my channel,
Shimmerglimmer14, at this link:
Like I said, no videos yet, but as soon as I get home and back into the swing of things, I promise to get filming and uploading as quickly as possible,...hopefully by late next week?

OH, and before I forget, any suggestions on what you'd like to see on this channel, once the videos start? I'd love to have input on that type of this, so by all means, leave your comments below :)

Thanks  for reading !
All the best, 
Jai, xo

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